Daisy DND was established in 2011 by Loc Duong, CEO and Founder. Prior to this development, Loc Duong ran a successful Nail and Beauty import and distribution business which sold to thousands of salons worldwide.

Through this beauty import business, Duong gained a huge wealth of experience in product development whilst visiting his manufacturers and suppliers across the globe. What Duong noticed was that while countries like China and Japan had become efficient in product manufacturing, there was still a void in understanding the actual nail businesses in the United States. It was at this point that Duong created Daisy DND, where the full focus was centered around salons as a business. Daisy nail varnish was an immediate success, then came the gel polish and the rest is history.

In the United States, you would be hardpressed to walk into any nail salon and not see DND gel polishes on display.

DND now occupies its own facility in the United States with a support team of over 300 employees across the globe. Many of which, were salon owners, therapists themselves which is why DND truly understands product needs. By focusing on product development instead of expensive brand awareness, DND has been able to develop products that are both superior and competitively priced. DND has released over 400 gel colours, none of which have ever been discontinued.  DND is constantly looking at innovative ways to further develop the product range and yet to this day, Loc Duong can still be seen at the warehouse checking quality control or visiting salons for feedback on his products.