What region website do I accumulate commission for?
Your affiliate code can be used at both the USA website (dndgel.com) or the Europe website (dndgel.co.uk).

What happens to commission when there is a sales refund?
Customers can refund products upto 14 days after the delivered date. If a product is returned within this period, the referral payout for that product will be removed from your account

When do I receive the referral commission?
Your sales commission will be added to your total after 14 days (after the refund window has elapsed). By default, the payouts will be sent out at the end of each calendar month, however we may be able to make special arrangements if that does not suit.

What is the payout method?
We will pay out commissions over Paypal. If you have access to a UK bank, we can transfer the money over BACS if preferred

Are there any more things I should know?
We reserve the right to cancel your affiliates code if we feel you are abusing the program. Your remaining referral balance will be paid out immediately upon termination.

If you have any further questions, contact us at sales@dndgel.co.uk

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